Complete Guide to Playing Snakes & Ladders Live

Published June 22, 2023 by Shane

Complete Guide to Playing Snakes & Ladders Live

Get ready to enjoy a classic game in a whole new way. Let’s take an in-depth look at the brand-new Snakes & Ladders Live casino game from Pragmatic Play.

It’s exciting to see what the top casino game providers will come up with next. Pragmatic Play fits the top provider’s mould, and their Snakes & Ladders Live casino game is an exciting addition to their portfolio.

It’s difficult to tell what makes a live casino game great. It's become popular to have big multipliers and great bonus games, and these are included as Pragmatic Play brings the classic board game to the live casino industry.

Introduction to Snakes & Ladders Live

Like the family board game, Snakes & Ladders Live uses a die roll to advance along a giant board strewn with multipliers and power-up squares. You avoid the snakes and climb the ladders to reach the bigger prizes.

The main board is one of 2 bonus round features, the other being the Snake Totem, which can be accessed along with instant win prizes during the initial dice roll phase of the game. 

What is Snakes & Ladders Live All About?

We all remember the classic game for 2 or more players. This is a thrilling and high-energy game show version, combining elements of a racing-style board game with the added excitement of dice rolls and great bonuses, providing an immersive and engaging player experience.

According to the game developer: “Snakes & Ladders Live will instil a thrilling and contemporary twist to accompany the board game mechanics of this dice-inspired classic theme.”

The main game is played with four dice with special symbols: Diamond, Star, SL (Snakes & Ladders bonus) and ST (Snake Totem bonus).

  • If 2 or more dice return the same star or diamond symbols, the player is paid according to the payout table.
  • If at least 2 dice show the SL symbol, the Snakes & Ladders Bonus is triggered. The fifth die is automatically rolled to determine the type of bonus: Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • If at least 3 dice show the ST symbol, the Snake Totem Bonus game is triggered.

When the board game we all remember is a race based on sheer luck and is combined with outstanding Bonus features and multipliers, enthusiasm for Snakes & Ladders is going to soar.

How to play Snakes & Ladders Live

At first glance, the game may seem complicated, but it’s as simple as the roll of the dice.

Initially, four dice are rolled, resulting in either nothing, an instant win, or entry to one of the 2 Bonus rounds.

The main Bonus Round is the Snakes & Ladders board, where a roll of the dice determines advancement up the board, attempting to get as high as possible to collect a multiplier. Power-ups can double the remaining multipliers, and safe zones protect your winnings if you’re bitten by a snake.

The Snake Totem Bonus Round delivers multipliers or access to the Snakes 7 Ladders Bonus game.

  • Rolling a 6 anytime during the game results in an extra roll.
  • Four dice are rolled at the beginning of the game, which may award instant wins or access to the 2 Bonus rounds. A fifth dice determines the number of rolls for the Snakes & Ladders Bonus round.
  • Instant wins pay between 1x and 20x, depending on the combination of the symbols rolled.
  • Power-ups during the Bonus rounds double the remaining multipliers on the board.
  • On the Snakes & Ladders board, there are 7 safe zones which protect your wins, even if you slide down a snake to a lower-value tile below.
  • Unless you roll a 6, only one dice roll is used in the Snake Totem Bonus round.  

Depending on the luck of the rolls, you can win up to 10,000x your bet! With a betting range of between $0.10 and $4500, and game rounds lasting less than a minute, there are many chances to win huge sums of money at once.

The good news is that a handy autoplay feature makes playing easier. You can set win-loss limits to make betting easy while keeping track of your bankroll.

Betting on Snakes & Ladders Live

The game has 3 Phases. First, you need to place bets on the seven possible outcomes of the 4 rolled dice. If either of the 2 Bonus rounds is triggered, they must be completed before the payout is added to your bankroll.

When it comes to payouts, each dice contains 2 Diamonds, 2 Stars and an SL and ST symbol. The Diamonds, Stars and combinations of both give instant wins in the form of multipliers.

Depending on the symbols that appear, multipliers will be paid out in the following ways:

Diamond Payouts

  • 2 Diamonds pay 1:1
  • 3 Diamonds pay 2:1
  • 4 Diamonds pay 5:1

Star Payouts

  • 2 Stars pay 2:1
  • 3 Stars pay 5:1
  • 4 Stars pay 20:1

Combination Payouts

  • 2 Stars & 2 Diamonds pay 5:1
  • 1 Star & 3 Diamonds pay 8:1
  • 3 Stars & 1 Diamond pay 20:1

The RTP for Snakes & Ladders Live is roughly the same as for other entertainment game shows, with an optimal RTP of 96.42%. Bonus Rounds are frequent, but more wins come from the Diamond, Star or combination bets. Payouts on the Snakes & Ladders board and Snake Totem are capped at 10,000x.

Your decisions are limited to placing the initial bets, so there is no strategy to playing Snakes & Ladders Live. The game provides an entertaining gaming experience, so place those bets, sit back, and enjoy.

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