Online Gambling School: High School

Finalizing your knowledge before playing for real.

You are only a few credit courses away from graduation, so you will be ready to take on the online casino games themselves. Having gone through earlier study programs, the High School lessons will help you maximize your knowledge. There are many ways to do so when gambling online. They include mastering the sign-up bonus rules, joining the VIP Clubs, and more. Read along to find out exactly how.

Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps

Take the online casino with you on the go in the form of a Website or App.

For gamblers with a smartphone or tablet device, it can be unclear whether to play through a mobile casino website or mobile casino app. So, the first thing to figure out is whether your chosen casino has an app compatible with your particular device. Once you've decided that, it's good to know the other differences.

Mobile gambling sites are similar to any other online website, except that they are designed to suit smaller handheld displays and touch-screen interfaces. On the other hand, gaming apps must be downloaded and installed on your device from the Apple Store, Android Market, or elsewhere.


Much has been written about the privacy risks associated with using mobile apps. Still, the truth is that mobile gambling operators devote just as much attention to the privacy needs of their apps as they do to their sites. As they do with their online gambling websites, the leading operators ensure their mobile sites and apps meet the best standards and that data are properly encrypted. You can usually find information about this on their mobile site.

Login process

If you already hold an existing account, let's say, "Joe's online casino." You should be able to sign in automatically to Joe's mobile casino site and Joe's mobile casino app. The only difference is that you can access the mobile site automatically, while the app will require a download before allowing you to type in your details and begin playing.


As you would if you were gambling online, you should always check that your operator of choice meets the highest protection standards. The best way to do this is to check if they are certified by eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), which sets standards for online gaming sites. Also, check to see if their mobile site or app is certified, and gain that extra sense of security before playing.


Apps are designed to give you one-touch access to a small selection of mobile casino games, so generally, they come out on Top for usability. However, mobile sites are necessary for two customers: when your gambling operator has not made certain games or services available on the app or if their app is incompatible with your device.


Online Casino Reload Bonuses

The Scoop on Casino Reload Bonuses

Online casino bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular forms of online casino bonuses is the casino reload bonus. Within the framework of bonuses, the reload bonus is particularly useful to players who enjoy playing at a particular casino and decide to deposit again and again. For online casino players who have yet to decide upon a particular casino to play at, sensible advice would be to open up accounts at several casinos. As soon as you've decided upon a casino, the issue of redeposit bonuses comes into play. While the concept is relatively simple to understand, it's important to delve into the inner workings of the redeposit bonus at your favorite online casino.

How to Make the Most of your Redeposit Bonus?

Redeposit bonuses reward online casino players for second, third, and subsequent deposits made at the casino. Unlike new player deposit bonuses, which only reward you once - for your first deposit - the redeposit bonus keeps on rewarding you every time you deposit to play online casino games. The terms and conditions related to the specific bonus offers can be found in the wagering requirements. Some of the most attractive redeposit bonuses are available at leading online brands such as bet365 and 888 casinos. These popular brand sometimes rewards players with a weekly reload bonus of 100% up to 250 euros. Another popular attraction is monthly reloaded bonuses. To qualify for these bonus offers, players must follow the instructions regarding how much to deposit, when to deposit, and within which timeframe to deposit the money.

The Mechanics of Redeposit Bonuses

Players will be confronted with multiple redeposit bonuses during their gaming exploits. Some are better than others, and it's important to read the fine print to differentiate the good ones from the mediocre ones. All redeposit bonuses will list a percentage, a nominal $/£/€ bonus amount, a playthrough requirement, and a timeframe. For example, a 100% bonus up to $100 implies that the maximum bonus you can receive is $100. If you deposit $100, you can claim an additional $100 from the casino. This should effectively boost your bankroll to $200. The wagering requirements/playthrough requirement on the redeposit bonus is a little more complex. A 20 times wagering requirement on your bonus and deposit suggests that you would be required to wager $4000 before you can claim the winnings off your redeposit bonus.

The best advice is to choose the highest redeposit bonus with the lowest wagering requirement and the longest possible timeframe.


Who are the High Rollers?

How to become a high roller.

A high roller is a gambler who wagers particularly large amounts of money; at online casinos, they make bigger deposits and win (or lose) bigger sums. The amount a player has to bring to the table to be defined as a high roller varies from place to place, but $50,000 to $75,000 are common minimums.

High Roller Exclusivity

High rollers often bet at such high-limit tables that only high rollers end up there. The higher the limit, the more exclusive, which means casinos compete for the highest stakes tables to attract the highest rollers. Depending on the country, city, and specific casino, high roller bet limits may range from $150,000 to half a million dollars.

High Roller Games

High rollers traditionally play table games like Roulette, blackjack, craps, and Baccarat. However, online casinos offer many more opportunities, like high roller slots, to gamble big with the best of them.

While high rollers bet and sometimes lose larger sums, they are not considered casinos' greatest source of income. For example, casinos tend to make much larger sums from slot machines than tables, and the tables are where the high rollers are, so they are by no means the average casino's main bread and butter.

High Roller Casinos

However, there are high-roller casinos that cater to this niche in particular. It's risky on the casino's part because providing the high roller experience is incredibly expensive, but if the casino does it well enough, the high roller may stay long enough to lose enough to make it worth the casino's while; however, high rollers win even when they lose, because while the house may take their money, they can consider it simply the cost of an unbelievable and entertaining recreational activity.

Benefits of Being a High Roller

High rollers often receive generous freebies, and exclusive bonus offers from their favorite casinos or new casinos hoping to become a favorite. For example, casinos may extend credit to known high rollers to allow them to keep playing after they otherwise would have stopped or offer rebates on certain losses to encourage the high rollers to come back to the table. In addition, high rollers may be exempt from certain rules, such as being legally allowed to smoke in areas where indoor smoking is otherwise banned and other perks that make the gambling experience especially enjoyable, keeping the high rollers playing longer.


Ancient & History

Our study program does not only take you from elementary school through high school graduation but also the entire history of gambling, from 2300 BC to this day.

Millennia of Gambling

Historians and much archaeological evidence have proven the existence of gambling throughout the cultures of most civilizations. For example, gambling seems to have taken place millennia ago in China, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and India.

For example, a set of ivory dice from 1500 BC was found in Thebes, and writings in a pyramid in Giza specifically mentioned gambling.

It's time to Play Cards.

The Chinese practice of shuffling paper money and money made of paper in 900 AD triggered the development of playing cards. The Mameluke Empire introduced playing cards into Europe and many Mediterranean countries. Since they were Muslim, their cards contained no human figures but rather intricate designs similar to those seen on Muslim carpets. When the cards spread to Italy and Spain, they were distinguished from the royal ranks of noblemen and court officials. In the 1500s, the French replaced one of the male characters with a queen, and this "French Pack" gave way to the present-day 52-card prototype.

A Serious Bet

About 1,000 years ago, King Olaf of Sweden and King Olaf of Norway were in dispute over the ownership of the district of Hising, an area claimed simultaneously by both countries. So, they agreed to roll a pair of dice to resolve their disagreement.

Both kings rolled a double six on their first roll, yet the King of Norway rolled a 13 on his second try and received the territory, avoiding hostility in the process.

The Middle Ages

King Henry of England and Ireland has offered undisputed evidence that gambling was a popular pastime for 16th-century civilizations. Although a passionate gambler and dice player, King Henry VIII officially banned gambling throughout his kingdom upon discovering that his soldiers were spending more time gambling than working on their marksmanship and drills. It was during the middle ages that many traditional card games, such as blackjack and Baccarat, emerged.

Roulette is 300 Years Old

The 17th century saw French mathematician Blaise Pascal design a small wheel which he called in French "Roulette." However, collected data suggests that the Chinese invented it and introduced it to Europe via Dominican Monks.

In any case, Prince Charles of Monaco triggered the popularity of Roulette by using the wheel to solve financial problems in his kingdom towards the 18th century. Francois and Louis Blanc modernized the game in 1842 by adding the "0", which has since developed into three main versions; British, French, and American Roulette.

Craps and Modern Day Gambling

Elite and upper-class citizens of the British Empire would play a game called "hazard" in their private gambling parlors in the 18th century. When the game spread to upper-class France, its name was changed to "crabs" (meaning pair of ones) and then to "craps." Finally, a simplified version of the game traveled to America along with European immigrants.

The American government would use gambling methods to collect large sums of money for its development activities after its independence in 1776. However, gambling was so out of control at the time that from 1850-1910 it was prohibited by Nevada.

It wasn't until 1931 that it was re-sanctioned and became the catalyst for the Las Vegas casino boom.

The Internet Age

From 1957 to 1973, the development of what is today known as the Internet took its way. Although after its invention, it was only intended as an information database and transfer system between universities before its lucrative business opportunities were recognized.

The first-ever interactive online game, "Advent," was released in 1970 and followed by "Dungeon." As computers and Internet technology became household appliances and a mainstream industry, online gaming sky-rocketed in popularity and instigated a discussion about the computerization of other games. However, until the early 1990s, talk about online gambling remained mere talk.

The catalyst for the online gambling industry began in 1994 when the government of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. This law enabled the issuing of gambling licenses and the operation of online casinos from their home country, which today remains one of the industry's most popular licensing jurisdictions.

If you build it, they will come, goes the mantra. Microgaming, which provides online gambling software, was founded in 1994. A year later, Andrew and Mark Rivkin established Cryptologic, a software package that could process online transactions safely and viably. As a result of these developments, InterCasino debuted on the Internet as the world's first fully operational online casino on August 18 of that same year. It offered 18 different casino games, including access to the National Indian Lottery. The first real money wager was placed in early 1996.

Another of the industry's leading pioneers was Cassava Enterprises, owned by Israeli brothers Avi and Aaron Shaked, & Shai Yitzchak. Cassava is a parent company of 888, among others.

In early 1996, a second sportsbook known as SBET presented its first online casino. Their success was rapid, primarily due to the acceptance of bettors' sports wagers via phone calls to Antigua on a toll-free line established by satellite. Several months later, e-gaming software company Boss Media AB was established in the West Indies and launched its first interactive casino in 1997. That year's popularity of online gambling was explosive; industry revenues reached a billion dollars, with 60% from the US alone.

Legal battles (specifically in the US) were raging. It was during this time that extensive industry developments took place. Such an example is the release of the Internet's first ever progressive jackpot slots machine, "The Cash Splash", by Microgaming (1998).

Additionally, the online gambling craze had begun penetrating other ends of the world; Australia saw its first government-licensed Internet casino, "Lasseter's," and other Asian and European governments began establishing gambling sites, such as the international lottery run by the Liechtenstein government.


The year 2000 saw the UK sovereign territories of Gibraltar and the Isle of Man offering sports betting licenses and legislation for Internet gambling in the British Channel Islands in 2001. With the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia all supporting online gambling, the industry has reached an international level and popular achievement.

The increasing domestication of computers and the Internet in most homes and businesses allowed gamblers access to a new world at the touch of a button. As a result, they felt a great improvement in their gambling experience.

Yet despite growing success in all aspects of online gambling, the year brought along with it many anti-gambling jurisdictions. The Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act in Australia closed the gates against gambling websites. In the US House of Representatives, Bob Goodlatte began pushing Internet gambling prohibition in the USA. Although he was unsuccessful, over the next few years, online gambling would be prohibited indirectly, using banning certain payment methods and blocking credit card use on various sites.

Nevertheless, the industry continued to flourish. In 2003, eCommerce & Online Gambling Regulation & Insurance was established to set and raise industry standards, making online gambling a safer environment. Moreover, Playtech released "live gaming," a video-streamed gaming concept in which players can gamble with real, live online dealers. Finally, Poker was awarded the highest esteem when Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million in the World Series by practicing online beforehand.

Popularity intensified through 2004, as various gambling tournaments became televised TV programs, and winners became celebrities. Jackpots began to increase significantly, such as Microgaming's $160,000,000 progressive jackpot, shared by 5000 winners (a Florida resident won close to $2 million!). Playtech also launched a new gaming platform in 2005, code-named "NG," boasting multiple gameplay. That same year PartyGaming, the owner of, was released into the London stock exchange.

A Look to the Future

Online gambling has since suffered a heavy blow with the passing of the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006, signed by President Bush on October 13, prohibiting online gambling in all its forms in the US. However, valued at over US$100 billion worldwide, the online gambling industry is still taking the world by storm. Today there are several thousand online casinos, poker rooms, and over 450 gambling-related sites. In addition, as technology develops, the online gambling experience is improving daily, providing better graphics, user-friendly software, multi-player features, and unbeatable odds.

It is safe to assume that as long as both operators and players maintain a high level of responsible gambling, the online gambling world can only grow to newer, bigger heights. Mobile gambling is the latest industry development, offering all that online gambling sites and casinos provide. It is planned to become the next big thing in the gambling market. Whether at home on your computer, on vacation with your cell phone, or at your favorite casino, gambling has penetrated almost every aspect of everyday life and continually provides people of all cultures with an enjoyable experience with lavished benefits!


Casino Myths, Superstitions, and Luck

Lady Luck is well acquainted with myth and superstition. This lesson helps you understand the nature of myths, superstitions, and luck and the lack of reason and logic to back them up.


Who doesn't love a casino myth? The gambling centers of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and Macau are full of them. One myth made famous by mafia tale writer Mario Puzo in his book "Fools Die" involves casinos pumping oxygen into their gaming rooms to keep the patrons awake and therefore making more money off them.

To the rational person, it's nonsense, but might a casino try it if they knew they could get away with it? Then there's the common myth that if a number comes up in Roulette, it won't come up again. Any schoolchild should be able to tell you that this is true and false. There's a 1 in 35 chance it will come up again and a 1 in 35 chance that it won't.


Many players of Roulette try the sleeping number tactic. This is the variant of the lightning not striking twice scenario described above. They think that if a number has yet to be the recipient of the silver ball, then it's high time it is. They keep records of the outcome of each spin until one number is left to win, and they stick a small fortune to it. Again, the odds of it winning are the same whether they carried out this tactic or not.

Casinos are packed with these superstitions, and no amount of logic is likely to win ardent gamblers away from their precious delusions. So instead, casinos would offer lucky charms to their patrons to squeeze and rub as the ball spins around the roulette wheel.


Then, of course, there's Lady Luck herself. How often do you hear someone say it's not their lucky night? However, psychology also plays a part in the whole gambling experience. There's little doubt that a player who's up for the night, on a "lucky streak," is likely to play better and make more correct decisions with their betting than one who's down on his luck, which is more likely to play recklessly and end up an even bigger loser.

Lady Luck and Human Nature may be two sides of the same roulette chip.


Nightclubs and Firewalls

The technical jargon aside, a brief explanation will give you a good understanding of firewalls and how they work.

A computer is very similar to a nightclub. There's always blaring music that some people are dancing to while others come and go, buy drinks, and talk to each other.

Instead of humans, imagine pieces of information that go in and out of your computer. This information is sometimes used in programs (dancing) and sometimes to communicate with your computer (buying drinks and talking).

Like nightclubs, you want to ensure that you only let in the right type of people (or information) to access your computer. For instance, you wouldn't want a person carrying a loaded machine gun to enter your club.

To meet this goal, discotheques hire doorkeepers, and computers use firewalls. But they're the same thing.

Much more serious firewalls are used for larger businesses, such as casinos, which employ hardened computer professionals to tweak their firewalls to perfection so that only truly desired packets of information can come through, leaving your financial and personal details safe and secure within their systems.


Legality Lesson

This is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive issues to consider before gambling. Fortunately, this lesson will help you through the legal concerns and help you find your place in the safe and ready-to-roll.

The Internet makes things accessible to people worldwide from their home computers. For this reason, online gambling and the law have become a touchy issue. For example, how do you know if an online casino is licensed and legal? How can you rule out gambling in a country when the Internet is internationally accessible? How can I be charged for my private activities? The list of questions goes on and on, but don't let this demoralize you - we've simplified everything you need to know about the legalities of online gambling in one simple page.

It all boils down to payment methods because online gambling is regulated by players' transactions when wagering. The new laws passed in the US in 2006 prohibiting online gambling didn't prohibit someone from sitting down at their computer and entering an online casino - this would be an invasion of privacy and too hard to regulate. Rather, using various payment methods was banned, making real money wagering inaccessible for US residents. In addition, the company or place where the transaction occurs is regarded as where online gambling occurs. So if half your deposit occurs in your country, for example, via your bank, your actions can be monitored. Therefore, if online gambling is illegal in your country of residence, always ensure that the payment method you choose doesn't involve such steps.

Although we've already touched on this in picking a casino, an online casino is considered legal if it is both licensed by a legal jurisdiction and based in a country where online gambling is allowed. Some casinos do not accept players from countries where online gambling is prohibited to avoid legal troubles. The best way to know what's legal for you is to:

  • Check with your own country's and state's laws first. 
  • Please read the terms and conditions section of the online casino and any other legal documents they have published online. 
  • Read about any given online casino before using it to see where it's based, where it received its license and its reputation level.

Online gambling is legal in Germany, Sweden, South America, the UK, Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Internet gambling is prohibited in the United States and Hong Kong. However, it should be noted that the Internet gambling prohibitions in Australia rule out only those sites established after the passing of the law. Therefore gambling at a single Australian site founded beforehand is allowed.


Are Online Gambling Winnings Taxable?

What to Tell the IRS.

To declare or not to declare, that is the question. Well, the answer depends on three things:

  • The amount won
  • The type of gambling undertaken
  • The ratio of the player's winnings to the wager.

1. Which Online Game and Amount Won?

The IRS is only interested in the reporting of winnings over:

  • $600 on state lotteries, horse or dog racing (if the winnings are at least 300 times the wager),
  • $1,200 on a slot machine or bingo game and
  • $1,500 on keno.

If any player wins these amounts or more at a land-based or online casino, they need to report this as income to the IRS via a W2-G form. In addition, casino, bingo hall, and poker room operators will likely provide a pre-completed W2-G form showing the amount won and any taxes paid upfront.

Winnings from table games such as blackjack, craps, pai gow, Baccarat, and Roulette do not necessitate completing a W2-G form, regardless of the amount won.

2. Balance Out the Wins with the Losses

Players can reduce the tax paid on winnings to the IRS by reporting their losses within their itemized deductions.

You can claim up to the total amount of winnings declared, which could effectively wipe out any tax payable. However, there is one thing you need to check before declaring your losses. Taxpayers can claim a standard deduction allowance, so it is important to check if this amount is larger than their winnings plus any other deductions they can claim. If so, it is better to claim the standard deduction, which would be more profitable than listing a lower amount of gambling losses.

3. Keep Good Records

To complete a tax return form accurately, serious gamblers need to keep records of all wagers, the types of gambling undertaken, and total wins and losses. Keeping good records can protect you should the IRS investigate and query your tax return form.

Make sure you know the tax requirements of online gambling and are prepared to submit a W2-G form based on accurate record keeping.

It's no real surprise when you win. So does the IRS!


The Speed of Gambling

Casinos make more money out of speedy players. High school graduate players should know better. So please slow down, take a breath, and take heed of our advice for slowing down.

Many players attempt to reduce the house advantage by studying gambling strategies and game odds. There is, however, a less well-known tactic that gamers should consider: to reduce the speed with which they play.

Casinos favor fast games with as many deals, throws, and spins per hour as possible. The reason is that the faster you play, the more chances the casino has to reduce your bankroll. Logic follows that if you reduce the number of bets you make per hour, your money will last longer, and lose less.

Players who compare the house edge for different games often need to see the bigger picture. They should also consider the number of spins, bets, or decisions per hour - the higher this figure is, the more they will lose.

Casinos (both land-based and online) do whatever they can to increase the speed of their games. The most obvious way of doing this is to teach their dealers to work ultra-fast. And online to ensure their casino software operates continuously fast. The industry has even gone as far as to develop innovations such as the automatic continuous shuffling machine (CSM), which enables casinos to deal with 20% more hands per hour.

Slot players can now play even faster after introducing new machines. Pushing in coins one by one is now a thing of the past. Instead, players can insert a bill into the machine and keep pressing the credit and spin buttons up to an incredible 1,000 spins per hour.

Slowing the pace of your games is easy to say but harder to do in practice. The following tips help you to take things a little more slowly.


Always play at busy tables and avoid continuous shuffling machines like the plague!

If given a choice between a single deck manually shuffled game or a six or 8-deck game dealt from a dealing shoe, always go for the former as every manual shuffle slows down your game.


When choosing which version of the game to play, go for Pai Gow Poker if you can as the game is slow-moving which will work in your favor.


Only bet on the bank hard after it wins - this will decrease the number of bets per hour by as much as half.


Use the handle rather than hitting spin, cash out frequently, and feed in coins one by one rather than using the bill accepter of playing on credits.

These words of wisdom will help you to slow down your game and stay one step ahead of the house. Good luck!


Sign Up Bonuses & Chips

There is a lot to learn about the perks you can collect along the way with every deposit and wager placed. This lesson will teach you what you need to know about such bonuses.

One of the advantages of online gambling is the extensive availability of bonuses and sign-up deals. Not only do they increase your gambling budget, but they also increase your gameplay length and excitement level. Therefore, get familiar with the various bonuses in a little more depth before getting started.

Different sign-up bonuses

The most common bonus is the "welcome" or "sign-up" bonus, designed to attract new customers. The idea is that first-time site users will receive a monetary prize upon depositing their first sum of money.

Today a 100% match to your initial deposit up to $100 is the mainstream offer. However, these figures vary greatly between different casinos. Alternatively, some casinos offer you a fixed amount per X dollars deposited. Many casinos will continue giving you bonuses up to your 3rd or 4th deposit, sometimes even the same initial amount. The point is to keep you depositing money.

Payment method bonuses

Some casinos favor using certain payment methods and offer bonuses to people using them. This bonus is usually offered for every payment made using that system and is generally 10-20% of the payment. Because it has ongoing benefits, this bonus pays off well.

Poker specials

Some bonuses and deals are offered via the purchase of chips. This is usually the case for Poker, yet depends on the casino. It works very similarly to the above bonuses, only it is claimed differently - by winning hands rather than making deposits.

Helpful resources

We invite you to read the next lesson, Wagering Requirements, which explains the small print that comes with the various bonuses.

And, of course, check out the Bonus Hunter service, where the top bonus offers of the moment are listed for you to choose from.


VIP Clubs & Loyalty Program

Now that you are playing for money and past the sign-up bonus stage, learns about how the online casino offers to maximize your earnings with such programs as the VIP Club and loyalty programs.

If you are a frequent gambler or intend to be one, then VIP clubs and loyalty programs are the advised way to get all the special perks similar to those enjoyed through frequent flyer clubs. Gambling on a regular basis is not only a fun hobby that nourishes your mind and gaming skills but also has a lot of benefits attached too. Let's face it - everybody likes winning stuff, especially cash. So why not win as much as possible? This is the idea behind VIP clubs and loyalty programs, and the range of privileges and advantages is widespread.

The main system followed by VIP clubs and loyalty programs is the "comp points system." Like frequent flyers miles, players are awarded points valued at certain dollar amounts every time they wager or win money. Once you have accumulated enough points, they are converted into tangible prizes, such as:

  • A monetary bonus - depending on the number of points you've earned, this can reach sums of up to several hundred dollars
  • Conversion of points to bonus chips
  • A selection of gifts of your choice, such as spa treatments and home appliances
  • Holidays
  • Cars
  • And a whole lot more!

At online casinos where comp points are offered to all customers, joining the VIP program will offer you better comp point rates, meaning more points for every dollar you wager. Other benefits provided by VIP and loyalty programs include:

  • Instant cash awards.
  • Additional bonuses on all your money deposits.
  • Better sign-up bonuses are nearing $100 extra.
  • A Happy Hour for various games.

In addition, all VIP and loyalty program members receive prompt and personalized attention to various needs, including withdrawal requests and payment options.

Comp point rates and other prize systems followed by online casinos will vary greatly between each casino, so check the program details first. Becoming a frequent gambler at your favorite online casino will give you a taste of the high roller's life. With VIP members cashing in every day and jet-setting off to Bahamas vacations and FIFA package holidays, the benefits speak for themselves. Become a VIP member and start reaping your rewards today!


How Poker Points Accumulate

The step-by-step guide to Poker Points Rewards.

Poker points are an integral component of online poker play. In their most basic form, poker points allow players to move up tier levels and be rewarded with a multitude of cash and kind giveaways.

Poker Points Rewards at Doyles Room

DoylesRoom, home to 10-time WSOP champion Doyle Brunson, provides online poker players with a newly revamped poker points system. The slogan, 'Cash is King, ' reigns supreme, and players no longer have to depend exclusively on tournament entries and tickets to rack up points. It's now a case of playing more Poker and earning more points. This is easily done with the following:

  • Sit'n Go tournaments
  • Ring games
  • Entry-fee based tournaments

DoylesRoom poker points come in two forms: Brunson Bucks (BB) and Frequent Play Points (FPP). Frequent Play Points allow you to ascend to higher tier levels in the loyalty rewards program. Note that the more poker tables played, the greater the FPP earned. The Brunson Bucks are easily converted to real cash from a minimum of $25 to $2,500 in one transaction.

How do multipliers work in your favor?

The size of the multiplier depends on your current tier status. At DoylesRoom, for example, there are six-tiered levels. Bonus Bucks are earned at the same rate as Frequent Play Points, but BB is factored according to these multipliers:

  • Bronze tier - X1
  • Silver tier - X2
  • Gold tier - X3
  • Platinum tier - X4
  • Elite tier - X5
  • Doyles Legend - X6

Naturally, it pays to play as much as possible. Players in the Platinum, Elite, and Doyles Legend tiers quickly realize massive prizes, cash prizes, and status benefits from poker rewards programs. While other poker rooms have different tiered structures to DoylesRoom, the basic functionality is the same. Most will provide exclusive entries into tournaments (based on ranking), bonus dollar purchases, point-to-cash conversions, and the like.


Wagering Requirements

The promise of a hefty sign-up bonus has some requirements, terms, and conditions that come along with it.

When looking for a good sign-up bonus, it's not about big numbers but reading the fine print. Unfortunately, what may look attractive to you at first is a major financial pitfall, especially if you're only at a beginner stage. This is because sign-up bonuses are not instantly transferred to your online account (wishful thinking for you).


The sign-up bonus is transferred or cashed out by you, according to you reaching a certain wagering minimum or playthrough requirements. This can range from three times the initial deposit to up to forty times your initial deposit + bonus. Also, note that casinos require that your initial deposit reach a certain minimum and that you wager in a certain chip value, such as $25 chips only. So now you can see how even the smallest bonus might suit you better!


Sign-up bonuses generally have a validity period, as they are not instantly handed out. Therefore, you might need more time to wager the amount required to receive your bonus. Whether this is because of time or financial difficulties, it makes double-checking this aspect worthwhile. Moreover, you can only use your bonus on certain games you don't like or don't know how to play. And finally, when playing for chips in games like Poker, your bonus depends on winning the pot a certain amount of times to qualify!

Terms and Conditions

All this information can be found in the terms and conditions of the site, which is sometimes placed alongside the bonus offer or sign-up link. So, a good deal is made up of good conditions, so always read them before signing up! Once you fully understand these, you can move on to the next lesson that will teach you about more advanced programs that help the established gambler join profitable bonus programs such as VIP Clubs.

Qualifying Games

Notice that only some games qualify for meeting the wagering requirements, or at least only some qualify equally. This could mean two things: some games are excluded. Therefore your opportunities are limited, or the bonus is tailored especially for specific games, e.g., slots.

Deposit / Bonus / Deposit+Bonus

This part is the most important, along with the actual number attached to the Wagering requirements. It is, namely, what are you wagering?

The casino could require you to play a certain amount of times your initial deposit or play through the bonus you received. It could ask you to play the total amount - deposit and bonus - a certain amount of times.

Do the math and see if deposit x20, bonus x25, or deposit+bonus x10 are different and which is best for you.


Online Casinos: The Unwritten Rules

Three Best Ways to Play

Having a healthy attitude towards gambling and playing safely is all about common sense. So check out our tongue-in-cheek Top Three rules for playing at online casinos.

Rule 1: Know When to Stop

This rule applies to newbies and pros alike and is one of the simplest to understand but hardest to follow. We've all had that feeling of invincibility while enjoying a winning streak; we can put no foot wrong and not fail to continue raking it in. However, rest assured, not only can we start to falter, but we can do so spectacularly!

It could be greed or over-competitiveness, but when you have made a tidy sum, try to lower yourself down from the heady heights of euphoria and get back in touch with reality. Then, follow the simple rule of quitting while you are ahead and end the day as a worthy winner instead of an inept loser.

Rule 2: Stick to Your Limits

One way to curb your impulsiveness and keep to your game plan is to set and stick to a spending limit. It can be far too easy to get caught up in a game, feeling that you must carry on for another round or two or continue to spin it to win. Likewise, if you're on a losing streak, you may be tempted to continue playing to recoup your losses.

Resist the temptation to remortgage your house, steal from your kids' college fund, or spend a bit from your imminent winnings. However close you feel to your next big win, stick to your betting limit and remember that getting into debt is certainly no laugh.

Rule 3: Read the Small Print

There are some great online casino bonuses and promos, but although the payouts and prizes may lure you in, only spend a dime once you've checked out the small print. 

Most promos have wagering requirements and conditions; cashing in your winnings takes more work. So to avoid disappointment or getting tied into a long-term relationship when you only wanted a fling, read the promo terms before wading in.

Follow our three golden rules of playing at online casinos to ensure you retain a healthy relationship with online gambling.


Improving Your Skills

As you are about to graduate from High School and the entire study program for the beginning gambler, we offer this final lesson - a review of the knowledge you have gained thus far.

Before we go any further, please pat yourself on the back for making it this far! Finally, you are closer to being more successful and responsible as a player. Here's a recap of what we've learned.

When you just began learning with us, you were somewhat worried and confused about how it all works, not to mention why exactly online gambling is so celebrated. But just as you have read this guide in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, at your own pace, and without having to finance going to a real school, you probably realized by now the best-selling feature of online gambling. So why go to the casino when the casino can come to you?

As a beginner, you also felt a lot more comfortable practicing your skills privately and for fun, without the pressure of more experienced gamblers and potential monetary losses. Gambling on the Internet offers you a quiet, personal environment where you control the pace, standard, and level of enjoyment you desire - something completely out of your hands in land-based casinos. Fun mode is also the perfect way to accustom yourself to and practice gambling, which only the Internet can offer.

However, playing for fun also requires you to learn about the games and acquaint yourself with the gaming software, download procedures, game variants, and other online gambling aspects. Therefore, you must know exactly what to expect and how to deal with it when it arrives, whether it be registration or download options.

Learning about the gaming categories and their origins in history was important for understanding the development of certain games into their different variants so that you could differentiate between them more easily and get a feel for what attracts you most. That, too, will help you feel more comfortable.

Some variants are regional based, while others have only very minute differences, such as Texas Hold'Em Poker and Omaha Hold'Em Poker. Some games are also a mix of 2 or more game categories or variants, such as video poker - which combines slot machines with your desired Poker variant.

Focusing on rules and game objectives allowed you to take your practicing to a more serious level, one in which you could make knowledgeable gambling decisions and sharpen your skills well enough for real money wagering.

The idea of real money wagering is no doubt a lot more daunting than playing for fun. At this point, we introduced techniques to help you keep the fun while betting on real cash. As you learned, this is achieved by maintaining control over your finances and playing accordingly. Setting up a secure account and a maximum daily deposit limit are the only precautions you can take to ensure you do not lose more money than you can afford.

Also, there are many other ways to maximize your winnings apart from special deals, such as choosing a casino with a low payout percentage. These are all tricks of the trade that are better off acquired before getting started on your own, so use them!

What you might not have noticed is that your chosen form of online banking should be based on a mix of:

  • Its availability at your favorite online casino
  • Whether or not it is offered with an additional bonus
  • What you are most comfortable using

You might have to compromise a little, but incorporating these elements in your decision will lead you to a payment method that is both easy for you to use and benefit financially. The e-wallet concept is most popular because you can deposit money via a range of different options, and it is usually instant.

Payout percentage reports are another thing to look out for when picking a casino. If you still need to remember, the payout percentage is calculated as the percentage of winnings to wagered amounts, as described in odds. It is usually game specific and calculated every month.

When updated regularly, the odds provided can assist you in choosing certain gaming strategies for various casino games. Besides, a truly trustworthy casino will have its payout percentage reports verified by a higher body, such as the Online Player's Association (OPA).

The other aspect you learned about for choosing the right online casino was sign-up bonuses and chips. As mentioned before, bonus wagering requirements should also be looked at.

Get to know the various bonus options out there apart from sign-up ones, including refer a friend, bonus games, and happy hour. With happy hour bonuses, for example, it's always best to check rules and times with the casino first, as this is something you will want to take advantage of. This might oblige you to join a VIP club for instance, and this is highly recommended, as the rewards are endless. Let's face it - why win less when you can win more?

The final issue we tapped into was that of legality. But, again, all you need to know has already been explained. Yet if you still feel uneasy about potentially committing illegal activity, then maybe this will cheer you up: in the entire history of online gambling, there has only ever been one player who faced criminal action - Jeffrey Trauman of North Dakota - and one $500 fine settled his case completely.

This sums up everything you need to know to gamble online safely and responsibly. If you need clarification, return to an old lesson and double-check it. We're positive that we have given you enough skills to play well, win, and enjoy yourself. So as an online gambling school graduate, take the bull by the horns and start having fun!


Behind Online Progressive Jackpots

OnlineCasinoReports goes number-crunching.

What's the Minimum Stake?

Players should be aware that although all wagers contribute towards the jackpot, they may have to make a special bet (a $1 side bet) or play the maximum bet to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Imagine how soul-destroying it would be to get the winning combination but miss out on a six-figure prize! The lesson? Check out the rules carefully to ensure you place the right bet to have a chance at the progressive jackpot.

What's the Minimum You Can Win?

Progressive jackpots start at a minimum level and grow until one lucky player wins the big prize. Once big money has been won, the progressive jackpot total is reset to the minimum amount again. Different games have different minimum wins. For example, the Mega Moolah Mini Mollah has a starting value of just $10, WowPot begins at $1,500, Major Millions resets to $25,000, and Mega Moolah's Mega Progressive starts at a cool £1,000,000. Game-themed progressives, Monopoly and Cleudo, have a jackpot base of £1,500,000.

High-paying progressives regularly make the headlines; however, smaller-paying online progressives are not to be sniffed at. Progressive jackpot games such as LotsaLoot may pay out less, but they pay out more often. Jean G went into the record books for winning an amazing 8 times, totaling over $383k.

What's the Maximum You Can Win?

Some progressive jackpots have a capped maximum. For example, the popular Monopoly and Cleudo slots have a max win of $500,000. Other jackpots, such as Mega Moolah have no limit on how high the jackpot can go. The biggest Mega Moolah winner was $5.5 million in 2008, and just a few months ago, in August, it popped at a massive $4.1 million.

According to Microgaming, their Progressive Jackpot Network is one of the most popular on the net and has paid over €265m since it started.

So there you have it; all you need to know is the numbers behind progressive jackpots.


Differentiating Progressive and Slot Jackpots

Whether to go for the big cash prizes or side with the odds.

Most online casinos offer a wide variety of regular jackpot games and a small selection of progressive ones, so differentiating between the two can be confusing.

For example, All Slots Casino advertises more than 200 online slot games with regular jackpots, while also containing a handful of progressive jackpot slot games worth several million dollars in total.

Regular jackpots

Regular jackpots are the more basic of the two types. Put simply, each regular slot game has a fixed jackpot that can be won by achieving the combination with the highest possible payoff. This can be achieved by the appearance of several symbols in a row, or in the case of video poker machines, by a royal flush.

The jackpot is reset to a predetermined minimum each time it is won.

Progressive jackpots

In the case of progressive jackpots, the maximum prize increases each time anybody plays the game. So instead of being limited to a $5,000 or $10,000 win that is commonplace in regular slot games, prize money can actually end up reaching millions of dollars.

In the case of online casinos, any bet anywhere around the world increases the total progressive jackpot a little bit more. That is, of course, until one very lucky player hits the jackpot, and the prize is reset to a predetermined minimum amount, as with regular jackpot games.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Regular slot games contain smaller jackpots, but the odds of actually hitting them are far higher. Progressive jackpots provide the opportunity to win much higher amounts of prize money, but the odds of actually doing so are obviously much lower.

Ultimately, deciding which version to play is a matter of personal preference.


Winning with Gambling Strategies

Make sure you have a well-planned gambling strategy before you enter any casino. Then, do your homework: learn which casino games offer the best payout percentages and how to play those games effectively.

Knowing Which Casino Games to Play

The first part of a successful gambling strategy is determining which games to play. All online or land-based casinos want to steer their customers to the games with the highest odds, lowest payout percentages, and biggest house advantages. The successful player learns which games offer high returns or the chance for the player to influence the results directly.

One way to determine which games the online casino wants you to play is to read the general terms and conditions and the wagering requirements on any bonus you receive. This is the fine print, and while it's slightly less exciting than watching paint dry, a careful gambler can learn a lot from it.

To start with, wager requirements are always highest on the games with the best payout percentages for the player. Those games in which the player can actively influence the result are usually not counted toward wager requirements. These will typically include blackjack, Baccarat, and craps. As long as you're not playing with bonus or comp money, these are the best games for beginners; if you play them smart, you'll walk away a winner every time.

Playing Smart 101

Blackjack, Baccarat, and craps: three table games, two with cards and one with dice. The casinos try to steer you away from these games and table games because a smart player with good gambling strategies can always beat or match the odds. So let's take a look...

Blackjack is a perennial favorite, and most people have played it at some point. The important thing to remember is when to stand, and when to hit. Always take the hit when you have 16 or less; always stand when you have 19 or more. With 17 or 18, it can go either way. You should pay attention to the deck and the table: if you see that a lot of high-value cards have already been dealt, or if the dealer is required to stand, then take the hit. The odds will be in your favor.

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