Payment Methods Q&A

Payment Methods Q&A

Get help with finding the right payment solution for your gambling online. Start with information about the different types of payment methods and things to look out for.

Which is the safest online payment solution and how do I withdraw my winnings? These and other payment solution related frequently asked questions for players new and experienced.

Can I use a credit card to gamble online?

You most certainly can, but not in the most obvious way with online gaming. In the USA credit card companies are forbidden from processing payments that are going directly to online gambling companies. However, there are ways of processing payments from credit cards to payment processors - third party operators - who will then make payments on your behalf to the online gaming companies. Players can take advances or request checks from their credit card companies and use these to make payments to online casinos.

Does it matter what payment method I use?

It is best to use only recognized payment processors when making your online casino deposits. A list of reputable operators can be found on the following OCR page. Online casinos in conjunction with their preferred payment processors often provide players with special sign-up bonuses. It's a good idea to shop around for the best deals that are on offer.

How can I keep track of my online financial transactions?

When gambling online with real money, nearly all responsible casinos will provide a deposit and withdrawals area, in which you can follow up all the financial transactions you've made with them. Usually termed "transaction history", it can be accessed whenever you are signed in to your account. Alternatively, you can view all your payment activity by accessing your payment methods account, whether it be e-wallet system, bank account, or credit card monthly statement.

How do casinos ensure that transactions are safe?

Online casinos use encrypted connections so that when you send the details of your credit card or e-wallet they are scrambled.

How do I apply a deposit limit to my debit card?

You can set yourself a maximum daily deposit limit for your debit card, by contacting the casino's help/support line. Ask the operator to assign your desired limit to the card, and it should take effect immediately. For purposes such as these, it is advised you play at a casino that has 24 hour contact services.

How do I cash out my winnings?

There will always be a button or tab which by clicking will activate your cashing out of winnings, and is usually termed "cashier", "cash out", or something similar. The instructions are always quite clear. Cashing out winnings is a process involving yours and the casino's banking decisions. Due to money laundering problems, many online casinos will only allow cash winnings to be sent to their deposit source, IE - if you used Neteller to deposit money, then this is where your cash back will be sent. Because of security measures taken by credit card companies and casinos alike, winnings are rarely sent to a debit card or credit card, which is why most people prefer e-wallet payment methods. If you deposit using a card, then cashing out will require you to provide a transaction alternative, usually bank account details. Good casinos will send you an additional bank draft or transaction history copy to your specified billing address. Be sure to read the casino's terms and conditions regarding wagering requirements, as this process can take time, and is liable to differ between casino's and payment methods.

How do I deposit money into my casino account?

The best way to go about this is to log into your online casino account. Click on the deposit tab and then enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your account. You can use multiple payment processing options. Note that you will be prompted to enter personal identification details to validate your identity. Upon successful processing, you will have your funds credited to your online casino account with verification sent to you.For your comfort, the list of online casino by payment methods will help you sort through the selection of gambling sites.

How do I receive sign up bonuses and free chips?

Receiving sign up bonuses and free ships is much like receiving your winnings, only there are prerequisites that you must met beforehand. As stated in our sign up bonuses and chips page, a good bonus is made up of good terms and conditions. Some of these prerequisites include meting a certain wagering minimum - usually 10-40 times your initial deposit, plus the bonus amount, meeting all requirements within a specific validity period, or playing on certain games only. Once you meet the requirements, your bonus should be sent to you automatically. If not, contact the casino support line immediately.

How long does it take to be paid out my winnings?

It varies depending on which casino you are you playing at. For players gaming at Microgaming affiliated casinos, there is the option of instant payouts. This means that players will be rewarded with their full winnings the moment they click the cash-out button. Typically though it can take up to two weeks for payments to be effected but it must be borne in mind that it is for security reasons that these delays are necessary. It is also essential to verify the identity of the winners, which may take additional time too.

How long does it take to process a deposit online?

The answer depends on the type of payment method you choose. Most payment methods are instant. However, a deposit using a credit card will only be credited to your account upon approval from the credit card company. Further, a wire transfer may take up to 2 business days.

How long does it take to process my deposit?

This strongly depends on the payment method you are depositing with. If you deposit using a credit card or debit card, it is only a matter of minutes before the transaction is processed and your account be credited. E-wallet concept account transfers are usually instant, and for this reason they are highly popular among both players and online casinos. Wire transfers can take several business days, generally two, whilst personal checks and bank drafts can take several weeks depending on postal delivery time and other external factors. The casino will verify the expected time frame for any given payment method, so always double check before jumping right in.

How to fund your online Bingo account?

Prior to setting up an online Bingo account it's best to select your preferred online deposit method. There are multiple options available including the following: debit and credit cards, eWallets, Direct Banking, Prepaid Cards, Phone Cards, Western Union and more. Players from the United States will be limited in their deposit options due to strict gambling restrictions. But the option of third party payment processors is always popular means of depositing funds into your online Bingo account.

Is it safe to use a credit card to deposit money?

You should check the security measures that an online casino uses. If you live in the United States, your credit card company might not allow you to make a deposit.

What are direct transfers?

This is an increasingly popular option for online players to use. Players simply give authorization for money to be transferred from their bank account to the online casino. Contrary to popular belief, this method of payment transfer is completely safe. The online casino never actually sees the banking information. Popular examples of this are ECheck and direct and wire transfers of money. The moment the deposit has been verified by the online casino and the bank, the money is added to the casino balance.

What are the main types of online payment methods?

There are numerous online casino deposit methods available these days, however, they can broadly be divided into three categories: electronic wallets, direct transfers from your bank account to the online casino and wire transfers which is a manual transfer to a bank account.

What are the most popular online casino deposit methods?

Using credit cards to make deposits at online casinos has become increasingly difficult in recent times. This is due mainly to the strict legislation currently in place in the USA and the European Union. While direct deposits via credit card to online casino are largely problematic, there are other ways to transfer funds from a player's account to the online casino. These are mostly done via third party payment processors such as Neteller, Click2Pay, Prepaid ATM, FirePay, Moneybookers, Citadel, Centralcoin and others.

What are the most trusted credit card deposit options?

The answer depends primarily on the geographic location of the gambler. Both credit and debit cards are widely accepted at online casinos outside the USA. Big names in Delta, Switch, Solo, Maestro, Discover, Diner’s Club, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are among many accepted big names. For American players a prepaid card is an alternative to a credit card. Note that European jurisdictions may also reject credit cards from being used for gambling deposits.

What are the most trusted prepaid debit card deposit options?

Prepaid debit cards are essentially cash in hand. They are effective and safe methods for making deposits and they are limited only to what is available in the holder's account. Unlike credit cards which provide users with money they don't have, debit cards provide users with financial resources they do have. Debit cards are an easy option for making online casino deposits. They come in various forms including prepaid card vouchers, physical or virtual cards. Common varieties include: Speed Card, Prepaid Visa, Prepaid MasterCard, UKash, NetSpend, PaySafe Card, Green Dot and Virtual Pin.

What bankroll is sufficient for an online casino?

This question is based entirely on personal circumstances. A good rule of thumb is the following: only once you have taken care of your exigencies and you have personal disposable income available, should you wager at online casinos. Deciding to gamble with your money is a risk but the prospect of winning and having fun is equally alluring. Stick to a budget, don’t exceed your bankroll and enjoy the exciting online casino experience.

What is a safe way to deposit cash into your online casino account?

The most testing time in any new player's game begins when s/he has to make that trust connection with the online casino. Playing free flash games is unlikely to build up player confidence in actually making the transition to depositing cash with the online casino. The reason is that many folks don't trust online operators. One way to avoid the scammers is to use trusted third party payment processors such as Ukash. This is 100% secure and convenient for players. And the brand brings confidence in the operator too, thus providing security to all vested interests.

What is the most popular payment method?

[label.php:title=Most players still seem to prefer to use their credit card, however, alternative payment methods are growing in popularity. Neteller has become the most popular electronic wallet facility amongst online casinos.

What kind of details must I provide when doing online banking?

[label.php:title=Every time you transfer funds, whether it is for depositing, withdrawing, or cashing out winnings, you will be required to provide identification details, such as PIN number or security code. This is a precaution taken to ensure that no-one else will receive your funds. It is a precaution employed by all online casinos, so feel safe when being prompted for ID verification.

What payment processing options do online casinos provide?

[label.php:title=Online casinos provide their gambling clientele with multiple options to deposit cash. Online operators are eager to make gaming activity as seamless as possible. To this end they are affiliated with multiple payment operators and many options are available to players. Everything from Paypal to Neteller to Credit Cards and all the money-transfer operators in between is provided to players. The motivation for so much variety is convenience. Players will find that all responsible gaming operators provide multiple payment processing options.

Why is wagering via a debit card better than using a credit card?

[label.php:title=It is recommended that you use a debit card over credit card, because a debit card doesn't allow you to wager/deposit more money than you have in your account. This way your losses will not lead you to debt. Yet if you're set on using a credit card, but are worried that you might lose track of your deposits, then some credit card companies offer a "prepaid" method. Prepaid cards are an alternative to your credit card, and can be used the same way as a debit card even in countries that forbid online gambling. Examples are "Ecocrad", "Entropay", and "eCount" (an affiliate to MasterCard). Contact your credit card company for further details in this field.

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