How to Choose an Online Casino

How to Choose an Online Casino

Choosing an online casino is not just about the biggest bonuses and cash prizes.

It involves check-listing a range of important things that will ensure you a good gambling experience, and prevent you from ending up in an unsafe situation. The following are the seven most essential things to look for/do when choosing an online casino.

Topics Addressed

  • Casino licensing
  • Different software platforms
  • Bonuses and deals
  • Wagering requirements
  • Online payment methods
  • Casino online support services

Previously Required Knowledge

Because you are only a beginner, you are not expected to have any prior knowledge regarding online casinos. Although things may seem quite complicated at first, and it may appear to be a heavy load of information to remember, you will come to realize that each of the following aspects are inter-related, so as long as you follow at least two or three of them, you will be on the right track to finding a trustworthy casino.


Step 1

Check to see that the casino is licensed

If a casino is not licensed, it is operating illegally, and anything you do within it will not be secure and backed by player's rights. If the casino doesn't have a webpage indicating its licensing details, read some online reviews to see if it's legitimate. If so, be aware that some licensing jurisdictions are more reputable than others, as they are better attuned to industry standards. Some of these include Isle of Man, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

Step 2

Find the software that is right for you

There are five major platforms that an online casino will run on, including Microgaming, Playtech, Wagerlogic, Boss Media, and Realtime Gaming. Each of them differs in graphics, interface, animation, and level of user-friendliness. The best way to know which gambling software you prefer is to get a feel for them beforehand. Do so by either checking out the preview/instructions page provided by the website, or playing for fun with a guest account. This is also an opportunity to see what games and game variants the casino offers.

Step 3

Make sure you'll get good bonuses and deals 

Receiving bonuses is possibly the biggest perk about playing online with real money, yet you should watch out for several important things. Firstly, you should always receive a first deposit bonus, and the most common is a 100% match of up to $100, with a continual monthly bonus. This can vary, however the best way to know whether or not a certain bonus or deal is worthwhile, is by reading the terms and conditions page of the online casino, which will specify your wagering requirements.

Step 4

Know the wagering requirements 

What may seem attractive to you at first glance might actually be a financial danger, because bonuses and deals are not given to you immediately. Rather; 

  1. You must meet a certain wagering minimum in order to qualify. The most common minimum today is forty times your initial deposit, plus the bonus itself.
  2. You might also be required to deposit a minimum sum, or wager in certain amounts, such as $50 chips.
  3. The casino may also require you to wager your minimum on selected games. If you're planning on playing something specific, make sure it is included for bonus qualification.
  4. Lastly, the casino might designate a specific time frame within which you must reach this minimum in order to claim your bonus/prize.

This is arguably the most important thing when choosing an online casino, and should be read in full before proceeding with any real money gambling.

Step 5

Check the approved payment methods

There is an abundance of ways to wager money online, and once you have decided which one to use, make sure it is approved by the casino, as not all always are. Also, the way in which you receive your winnings can differ according to the payment method you choose. For example, some casinos will transfer the funds directly into an online account, while others may prefer to send you a cheque to a home address. Furthermore, some payment methods may be rewarded with instant winnings, and others can take up to a week t be refilled.

Step 6

Look for good online support services

Getting support for your online gambling actions, payments, and problems is something you should expect from your casino, especially as a beginner. Look for full time (24hour) support by phone and email, and check its authenticity prior to playing by getting in touch with them.

Step 7

Loot out for awards and player reviews

Awards such as "top site award" are distributed each month to leading online casinos, and are a good indicator of what's considered to be good, and what's not. Also, reading online reviews from other players is probably the best way to get an honest report on the casino, specifying the things all online gamblers want and need to know. While some online casinos have their own message boards and private chat rooms, others can be read about by typing their name in a search directory such as Google or Yahoo. 


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  • The most important thing to understand when looking for an online casino is that a casino is a business, and you will be paying money for its services, whether by wagering on games, depositing money, or joining a special club. Hence like anything else you buy, you expect it to be trustworthy and of high quality.The above guidelines are the most essential components of a reputable casino, so it is crucial that you apply them appropriately.Doing so will ensure you make the right decisions and steer you clear from any major financial pitfalls and security issues.

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