Online Gambling School: Elementary School

Taking your first steps in internet gambling.

Usually, the most basic lessons are the most important ones. This is the case at the Elementary School study program, which we offer in the following. Our step-by-step introduction to Internet gambling starts with the first step. Take these quick lessons and learn valuable information that gamblers should know before making the first bet, even before joining an online casino. From that point, you can move on to our more advanced lessons on your way to a fun and successful gambling experience. 

ABCs of Slots, Symbols, Features, and Terms

Before playing, you need to know everything about Classic Slots, Video Slots, symbols, features, and terms.

Online slot games can take many forms, but a few general rules apply to them. Before playing slots, find out all you need about symbols, features, and terminology.

Classic vs. Video Slots

Classic slots are based on the simpler slots of yesteryear, but many still enjoy playing them. They usually have three or five reels and large jackpots. On the other hand, video slots make more use of the latest technologies, have five reels, often include up to 25 or even 100 paylines, and don't have a max bet.


AutoSpin is a feature that appears in many online slots, allowing players to put the reels on automatically. Depending on the rules of the particular slot, you may be able to set the auto mode feature to 25, 50, 75, or 100 spins in a row, with the option of halting play at any time by pressing the "stop" button.


These are a special category of slots in which players may select how many games they would like to play simultaneously. Usually, you can play up to nine games at one time, increasing your bet size and chances of winning. Thanks to RNG (Random Number Generation), each MegaSpin slot is independent of the others.

Gamble Feature

This is a bonus round in which you may wager your winning on a particular spin. The rewards are endless, but the risk is you lose your existing winnings.

Bonus Feature

Many slots have one or more bonus features triggered by a certain number of scatters or by fulfilling other requirements. Bonus slots always contain some extra prize at the end. In addition, the bonus round often includes special graphics and animations connected to the game theme.

Scatter, Wild, Multipliers

Scatter symbols are special symbols in online slots that trigger free spin and bonus rounds.

Wilds are usually a separate symbol that substitutes for all other symbols (except for Scatters) to create winning combinations.

Multipliers are functions that multiply your win by a set amount, such as 2x, 3x, 5x, and so on.

Bet Per Line

An optional function that allows you to place a specific value bet per payline. For example, if you bet the minimum .01 per line on a 20-pay line game, that is .20 per spin. If you bet the max of $5 per line on a 20-pay line game, that is $100 per spin.


Why Gamble Online?

You still need to answer the question, Why gamble online in the first place? This lesson offers the generally accepted answers to this question, to which you will surely find additional answers that are your own.

Work, bill payments, news, and various communication purposes are all done online. So why also make use of the Internet to have fun? Think about the online casino as an accessible refuge for the hard-working, fun-loving person.

Unlike going to the casino to gamble - a practice that demanded long planning, travel, and added expenses - with your gambling site of choice, all one needs to do is turn on the computer and perhaps not much more than shut down the messenger program that is running on the bottom of the screen.

Now you have the peace and quiet you always wanted and could never get on the casino floor. An alternative pastime that is an easy way to make a profit better than spending more than you usually make on a hotel room and dinner in the days of old.

At the online casino, it is you, and you alone, who plays, have a good time, and are given a fair chance to win. It is there, waiting for you whenever you are free, playing at your pace and directing its full attention at you.

Why gamble online will become a rhetorical question when you are done with the study program. However, the advantages of online gambling are all the more obvious once you know how it is done successfully, safely, and wisely. So, visit the next Elementary School lessons and use the information you will gain to practice playing for fun and make the most of the online gambling experience.


How It All Works

Without going too deep into the complex and advanced technological aspects of how the online gambling site functions and the games played, this lesson will try to draw a general picture for you, with you in the center and a wide world of gambling around.

While you are sitting behind your computer, your legs crossed or placed on the stool under the table, a cup of tea in reach, and maybe the radio working in the background - having fun - someone is working. Not someone, but something - an entirely computerized system that keeps the whole thing working for you.

The online casino is a freely-running, smooth operation that runs 24 hours a day and serves tens of thousands of gamblers and millions of dollars in funds. Highly advanced and constantly improving [directory/software/|software] is developed to allow this to happen. A continuous and flowing service, honest and secure, a friendly and professional casino is the product of an independent, computerized, and advanced system on the one hand and good management, helpful customer service, and user-friendly interface on the other hand.

When you come to the online casino site for the first time, it will ask you to install the software on your computer. The installation - a simple and quick process - allows the casino to run ever-faster, and the games, graphics, and audio are compatible with your home computer system. So it is safe to say "Yes" on the small pop-up screen that offers the software installation and complies with the few follow instructions.

Although the entire gambling activity is focused on serving you, personally, the picture is much bigger. There is an entire industry that is up and running to serve you. The online casino computers and other real-time users are all connected to supply you with the best service, faster games, higher jackpots, and more fun.


Do Not Panic!

Welcome to online gambling. The first in a series that will make sure this is indeed the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The lesson starts with the calming advice "Do Not Panic!" and ends with you fully prepared and ready to go.

Do Not Panic! - We mean it. You want to gamble online and are scared. Don't be. Go to school (or have the school come to you, as in this case), and you will be able to kick back and learn a thing or two that will make your visit to the online casino a pleasant one, even a welcome one.

Is it safe to gamble online?

This is and should be your first concern, and let us relieve you by saying it need not be a concern. Generally speaking, gambling online is a safe activity. A well-informed choice of gambling site, with which we will gladly help you, ensures a fair and honest experience and leaves it up to you, once again with our help, to watch your step along the way.

What do I need to do before rolling the dice?

This is a good question. You don't just jump in head first. Preparing for a gambling session or joining in the first place demand studying the games, rules, casino practices, fund management, and more. In other words, please review the information we offer at the Elementary School, starting at the next step.

How do virtual games work?

You're right to ask this. No dealer sits across from you, and no players are by your side. So who is running the show? Well, besides you - yes, you are running your show - the casino games are operated by advanced computerized algorithms that not only administer the game and objectively set its results but similarly supervise the ongoing games to ensure this happens all the time. So, as we said at the beginning of the answer to this question - it is basically up to you.

What if I'm stuck?

The online casinos we recommend offer 24/7 support, technical and customer service, multi-lingual, and reachable via chat, email, phone, or fax. The show must go on. Sometimes it's good to know that school is open at night, on Sunday, and anytime you want it to be.

Who is managing my money?

Online gambling may not be romantic, but trust is essential. The casino operators reviewed and hosted at this site are all trusted, repeatedly examined by third-party organizations, regulated by banking and funding rules, and secured by the most advanced technological developments. Moreover, a dollar is a dollar, and a euro is a euro: no ifs or buts. So unless your bet is good, you might see your money grow.

So what should I bring to the table?

You, first of all. A computer, a glass of water, or something else to drink. Your slippers for ultimate comfort and anything you feel like wearing. You need nothing more than a free evening or an hour. Later on, we will teach you some tricks concerning following your expenses and winnings, which may suggest you bring a piece of paper or even your wallet, but that will come later after you proceed to the next lesson.


Playing for Fun

Even when you are about to graduate from the Elementary School study program, we realize you need more preparation to enter the casino and place your bets. Thus we suggest you try the Play for Fun mode first. This is how you do it.

No matter how much we say otherwise, you are probably not entirely sure about what you are about to go through. This is legitimate. We support this sentiment on your behalf. Accordingly, we suggest you try the free, fun-only games online casinos offer.

Play for Fun modes is the best way to go for several reasons. First, before putting any money down or committing to anything – online gambling in general, a specific casino, or some particular game - the Play for Fun mode helps solve some perplexity if not all.

You will surely discover that the online casino still requires opening an account to play, even in Fun Mode. Opening an account does not mean putting any money down, not to mention losing any of it. You can open an account and install the casino software without committing to having access to the games and to the casino site in general.

When asked if to download the software - usually a download not large in size or lasting more than a minute or two – choose OK. Next, follow the following stages, not more than two, for the download destination and possibly the computer system you are working with. Then choose your username and password with which you can log in to the online casino and later, only once you have one, manage your account.

Remember to enter an email address when asked. The online casino's promotion section will send you alerts and specials with ways to maximize profits. If you are a part of the casino, you also want to be part of the club.

As for playing, the Fun Mode is simply such - FUN. No money down is no money lost. You can learn the game and get acquainted with the interface on your terms, at your pace, and with help and tips along the way, namely from the later lessons in the study program, before going at it, prepared, informed, and truly ready to roll.



5 Rules for Gambling Online

From cramming up on the odds to picking the right casino - essential advice for successful gaming online.

You'll never win every time, that's for sure. But you can be a successful gambler online. Here are five golden rules for upping your odds on the net.

1. Do your homework

Players often need a clear idea of what they are doing to get into gaming online. This is the perfect way to increase the house's edge and your losses. Smart gamers do their homework first. Whether it's Blackjack, poker, or slots - learn the rules before you play. Study the betting options, game strategies, and useful tips - they might give you the upper hand when you hit the online casino.

2. Know your bets

The house will always come out on top. This is common knowledge. But the house advantage varies hugely according to different games and bets, so it pays to know the odds before you play. For example, chance-based games such as roulette carry far worse odds than skill-based ones like Blackjack. Certain bets also carry terrible odds for the player. So do some research, and don't let the odds beat you.

3. Take it slowly

The faster you play, the more you lose. Online casinos know this and have designed their sites to make you play faster. For example, count to 10 or take a few minutes break between hands - anything you can do to slow things down. This won't decrease the house edge but will limit your losses and help you control your game.

4. Make the most of comps

There are all sorts of comps available online for referral fees. Make the most of what's on offer, for example, by making large deposits when you first sign-up. Please get to know the ongoing promotions and how best to use them. However, please don't get too carried away with chasing comps, as it's not worth it.

5. Pick the right site

Stay calm in the online casino glitz and marketing tricks. Instead, choose your online gaming site carefully. Of course, your ideal site is one that's suited to you. For example, if you're a slots player, seek out a site with a wide selection of progressives, special comps, and rewards for your chosen game.

Following these golden rules won't make you a winner overnight, but it will boost your chances when playing online, which might make all the difference.



Top 5 Casino Games with Highest Odds

Your elementary school education will be complete only after you learn what games are best for playing, which offer the highest winning odds.

How to Win with a Smile

There's no doubt that gambling is a thrilling experience, mainly because you don't know what's going to happen and because you want to win. Lady Luck can smile at you, and you can go home with a bundle of winnings you won by enjoying yourself, but she can also be cruel.

The trick is to have a great time still but limit your chances of losing so that you walk away with decent odds of winning. And the best way to do this is to follow your mom's advice and pick your fights intelligently.

Choosing an Effective Strategy

To start, you'll want to list the available casino games, the house advantage involved, and the best strategies for each game. Truthfully, that sounds like a lot of work, so it's good that we've done it for you.

Here is the Gambling Teacher's list of our favorite games and how to play them:

5. Roulette, meaning "small wheel," allows the player to choose to bet on a number or range of numbers, a color - red or black, or whether the number will be odd or even. For example, if playing European Roulette, the house has a 2.7% edge if the player bets on a single number.

4. Pai Gow Poker (also known as Double-Hand Poker) is played with a 52-card deck plus an extra joker. The basic strategy involves players trying to legally set the highest two-card hand they can. Pai Gow Poker is roaring fun but comes in at number 4, with the house having an advantage of 2.5% over the player.

3. Baccarat is a card game created in Italy during the 15th Century, in which you can either bet on an option called 'Player' or another option called 'Banker.' Betting on 'Player' will give the house an edge of 1.63%, while the sturdy 'Banker' option offers a much more enticing 1.17%.

2. Blackjack is also known as 'Pontoon' and is the most-played casino game in the world. When played using 'Basic Strategy' - a complete set of optimal plays, Blackjack puts forward a very user-friendly house average of 0.8%

1. Craps is a dice game where players can bet against each other (Street Craps) or the bank (Bank Craps.) Funnily, the game's name comes from the French word crapaud, which means 'toad.' Craps takes the first place in our list, offering players using double odds the best chances of winning: a mere 0.60% house advantage.


More to Gambling than Winning

Online gambling offers a dream, one of the poker chips and giant jackpots. But consider the added value for a second.

Win, win, win. Unfortunately, sometimes the environment around us is just too demanding. While online gambling is identified with the former (win-ism, if you may), it also provides a way to avoid it, escape even, and have fun.

Shoeless gambling

In the case of online casinos, more than any land-based casino anywhere in the world (even the Atlantic City gambling venues so identified with off-the-bus tourists in pajamas), one can really "kick back." Take off your shoes, place your legs on the table, sip your drink loudly, and play to relax.

Online flirting

Some games - bingo is a good example - are as much about winning (small sums) as they are about the community, the friendships formed through chats.

Gambling culture

And online gambling as a whole are not only about the games even. Movies and books, humor and myths - a world of references make up this world, in which you take part whether you play to win or play for fun.



Play Your Cards Right in Online Poker

When to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

How you play your starting hand in online poker can make or break your entire game, not to mention your fortunes.

Beginner online poker players need to master this side of their game.

Top Three Starting Hands

If your first two cards are as follows, you want to raise.

  • Pocket Rockets - two aces might take you to good places.
  • Cowboys - two kings could lead you to good things.
  • Ladies - two queens facing could set your heart racing.

Different versions of online poker have varying game features and odds. Variants such as Texas Hold 'em are quickly learned, but it takes time to refine your play. Learning when to play a hand is crucial.

Hands-to-Call With

If you get dealt these cards, it's best to see the first three cards (flop) before deciding on whether to play on with them:

  • Ace and Jack
  • King and Queen
  • Queen and Jack

Follow your Hunches

It is better to fold than lose if you feel unsure about your hand. At least you'll retain your chips for a stronger hand.


Online Casinos go Progressive Jackpot Crazy.

We prove any online casino game can go progressive!

Progressive jackpots are all over the net and offer players the chance of six-figure cash prizes. They can now be found within the payouts of many online casino games. Find out below how the concept of progressive jackpots is being applied to so many different online casino games.

Progressive Blackjack: This online casino classic has a progressive version. Here the jackpot is triggered by a particular hand, which depends on the variety of online Blackjack played. For example, in Triple 7s (which uses a five-deck shoe), Blackjack players make a side bet every time they play a hand, and if they're lucky enough to be dealt three sevens of the diamond suit in a row, they hit the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Poker and Video Poker: Online poker becomes even more pulsating when a progressive jackpot is put in the equation. The big jackpot prize is awarded if a player gains a specific hand - usually the highest scoring, for example, a Royal Flush.

Progressive Slots: Online slot games are probably the most associated with progressive jackpots. The most popular online progressive slot game is the Mega Moolah Jackpot from Microgaming which has jackpots starting from a cool one million. In 2008 a lucky winner scooped $ 5.5 million!

Progressive Roulette: Roulette is one of the most exciting online casino games as players wait with bated breath when the ball spins around the wheel. The progressive jackpot cranks up the excitement factor even higher and pays out depending on the type of roulette. For example, the progressive jackpot is paid out in Roulette Royale if the same number hits five times a row.

Progressive Arcade: Only a few arcade games have progressive jackpots, but we did manage to hunt down progressive jackpot darts!

Online progressive jackpots are everywhere, and the extra tension of six-figure prizes brings added excitement to online casinos across the web.


Answer: What is the House Edge?

Casinos don't cheat their players, but most bets have built-in profits.

For many players, the concept of a house edge needs to be understood. The house edge is simply a percentage of every bet the casino expects to retain for itself. These house edge figures are calculated to ensure that online and regular casinos can keep their doors open for business. The house edge in most cases hovers below 6% (notable exceptions include tie bets in baccarat at 14.36%, Big Six $5 bets at 22.22%, Big Six Joker/Logo at 26.07%, Keno 24% - 29%, and several others). What is clear from all games at casinos is that the higher the risk, the greater the reward. Indeed many players have been crowned multi-millionaires by wagering on games where the odds of winning have been heavily stacked against them.

Casinos are businesses that must turn a profit.

When questioned about the concept of a house edge, many casino operators rightly point to the fact that casinos are businesses. They are there to turn a profit for investors and shareholders. That they are a vital part of the economy in job creation and business activity cannot be discounted. The house edge or casino advantage is the average money lost to the initial bet. There isn't a built-in profit in video poker and blackjack games, but in other games, there is. Let's take this concept further because clarification is certainly needed here.

The house edge is the average of what you lose compared to what you bet originally. It is, in fact, the difference between the true odds (what should ideally be paid to you) and what the casino gives you. There are several games where the house edge is zero. Many casinos punt these gaming options as attractive alternatives for players. But these games pay out handsomely 100% of the time only if perfect playing technique is implemented over the long term - as determined by audited stats results of random number generators.

Different games provide different house edges.

The house edge concept can be explained beautifully by the game of roulette. Roulette games have 37 numbers on single zero tables and 38 on 00 tables. So a simple calculation puts the odds at 1 in 37 for the single 0 tables and 1 in 38 for 00 tables. But here's the clincher: the casino doesn't pay out those odds if you win; it only pays out 35 to 1 on both games. Thus the casino advantage is 5.26% in 00 roulette and 2.70% in single zero roulette. It works similarly with craps dice, as there are 12 numbers on a pair of dice and different payout odds.

Video poker and Blackjack defy the house edge.

Blackjack is entirely different. The reasoning behind the odds calculations here is that the odds constantly change. If a card is dealt from the shoe - and it's randomly - the odds of the player or the house gaining advantage see-saw all the time. With each card dealt, the remaining cards provide new odds. That's why card counters in Blackjack can win lots of money. Video poker, too, paints a similar picture.

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