Play Online Craps with Bitcoin

Play Online Craps with Bitcoin

Don’t let the terms and table layout intimidate you because the game of craps is actually one of the most exciting at Bitcoin casinos.

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Where Can I Play Online Craps with Bitcoin?

What is Craps?

In brick-and-mortar casinos, there is always a lot of commotion around table games were craps is played. A popular Bitcoin casino game as well, it actually revolves around a craps shooter and a pair of dice. This is one of the few casino games where all players can win at the same time if they bet on a lucky hand. At a first glance, it might be a little intimidating, with all its terms and new concepts, but once you pick up the rules, craps is immensely entertaining.

Craps Games and Bitcoin

The perk of playing craps on Bitcoin is that you can learn a great deal about the game by watching the tables. In addition to offering the possibility of wagering play money, casinos have their own tutorials. Beginners can make a profit immediately after picking up the rules, by simply betting on the safest hands.

At the cornerstone of craps games are the number combinations produced by the rolling dice. The layout of a craps table has two main sides, each with its own dealer and also a stickman and the shooter. Bitcoin casinos chose to preserve this layout, even though computer algorithms coordinate all the action. A single player will roll the dice after attaining the status of craps shooter by making a pass line or don't pass line.

Craps Bets and Strategies

Compared to other online casino games, craps doesn’t have many versions so players can focus on the classic. The intricacies of the "Pass Line" and the "Don't Pass" Bitcoin bets are the first to be thoroughly understood. Players who root for the shooter and take the pass line should do so knowingly that it carries a slightly higher house edge.

Live dealer craps games are by far the most exciting, precisely for this feeling of camaraderie. The best online casinos nowadays offer craps in live dealer format and betting on Bitcoin is accepted.

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