Independent Betting Adjudication Service

The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) acts as a neutral judge when conflict arises between customers and betting operators.

When the IBAS is called

The IBAS only intervenes when the operator's own internal mechanisms have failed. If a deadlock still exists, the IBAS steps in to help resolve it with rulings that are legally binding.

Easing the tension

The IBAS acts to diffuse tensions between gambling operators and their customers. They do this according to internationally accepted codes of conduct. As impartial arbitrators, the IBAS will listen to both sides and try to formulate an unbiased judgment.

Held to account

Gambling operators are held to account by their own terms and conditions. Also, violations will be measured against the standards of the Gambling Commission as well as registration terms of the IBAS itself. Eleven such sectors operate within the IBAS framework.

More Information

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